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Furnishing your bathroom is an exciting and artistic event. It is enjoyable to make your own design and start searching for the proper furniture, amenities and accessories. You invest your imagination, artistic, aesthetic view, and personality. But do not underestimate the functionality when furnishing this so important place in your house.

Importance Of Bathroom Fans

Bathroom is a room with high level of humidity and moisture. For this reason you need a bathroom fan which will control the high humidity. If you do not have proper fan vents, the humidity will build up and the hot moisture-laden air will move to the cool surfaces like walls where it will condense into water. The humidity will peel the wallpaper or paint off the surface. It also activates the increase of mold and mildew. The moisture may condense inside the walls and leads to rot and great structure damage. A bathroom ventilation fan will collect the moist air and will bring it to the outside.

Preventing Bathroom Mold

Ventilation fans are very necessary for all premises in our house. Ventilating the pollutants from showering, cooking and cleaning is very important in our today’s life. But it is of special importance for the bathroom. According to experts during a shower the level of humidity reaches the level of a tropical rain forest. That leads to discomfort and heat. It is obvious from this that the simple act of shower leads to a breeding ground for mildew and mold. That gives chance to micro-organisms to damage your house and affect your well-being.
Mold thrives in dark, humid and warm environments.

Mold grows in spores on wet and moist organic surface, like wood and bathroom tiles. Mildew is a kind of mold which grows in organic and moist environments. In order to prevent the growing of mold and mildew in the bathroom you have to place a bathroom exhaust fan. It removes the moisture after a shower and in such a way stops the growth of harmful bacteria. The bathroom exhaust fan also helps the eliminating the unpleasant smells.

There are two basic types of bathroom fans – impeller fans and blower fans.

Impeller Fans

Impeller fans move air with blades. This action resembles the action of airplane propellers.

Blower Fans

Blower fans resemble hamster wheels. The exhaust system consists of an exhaust fan, ducting and an exterior hood.

Bathroom Extractor Fan

Practically the bathroom extractor fan extracts the moist and stale air from the bathroom. The fan collects it outside the home. The design of the bathroom fan makes it almost invisible. It is anchored to the ceiling with an exhaust duct which leads to the outside. The only visible part of the fan is the grille. In the past bathroom exhaust fans were very noisy and many people refused to put them just because of the strong noise they were producing. Now there are new types of bathroom exhaust fans which are silent and do not make any noise.

In Conclusion

Choosing the right bathroom exhaust fan probably is not the most exciting part of furnishing your bathroom, but it is an important one for sure. Comfort in staying in your bathroom depends on the overall atmosphere. Lack of harmful bacteria, unpleasant smells, mold and mildew is significant for your pleasant stay. For this reason do not ignore the presence of a bathroom exhaust fan which will control the moisture and humidity in your room.

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