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A Guide To A Bathroom Remodeling Project


 No matter how nice your bathroom is, a time arrives when you have to remodel it. Sometimes renovation of a bathroom can take you as much time and money as furnishing a completely new one. In order not to work at hazard, it is better to make a detailed preliminary plan.

First think carefully what you want to remove from your bathroom. Start your list with the things that you want to remove. Reply to yourself why you want to remove them – is it because they are faded and broken, or just because they are already out of fashion. Try not to change the place of the basic things – for example the bathtub, toilets, bathroom cabinet. If you need to replace them, put the new ones on the same place. Otherwise, it will become more difficult and expensive.


Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Here are some bathroom remodeling ideas that will be useful to follow. If you want to replace the bathtub, first find the new one. It is better if it is the same shape and size. Try to choose a bathtub that you will not need to replace soon in the future. The material is of big importance for that. The best material according to experts is acrylic. Acrylic bathtubs are easy for cleaning and maintenance and do not scratch or break easily. You may find acrylic bathtubs in different shapes and colors.

Another suitable and practical material for a bathtub is fiberglass. Be careful if you want marble or porcelain ones. They are more difficult for maintenance and easy for scratching.


Making Major Changes To Your Bathroom

If you want to remodel entirely your bathroom you have to change the tiles and flooring. You need to resurfacing your bathroom completely.

Changing your tiles and flooring involves removing all the other bathroom amenities. Choose carefully the right color and sample of the new tiles. Remember that remodeling a bathroom is a great investment and try not to change it very often. Do not choose the most fashionable patterns just because you see them on the magazines or at advertisements. Try to choose more classic or traditional patterns that will last for longer period.

You may buy a new bathroom cabinet which will totally change the look of the place. Select the material, color and shape that will match the tiles and flooring that you already choose. Do not forget functionality as well. A glass cabinet may look very fashionable, but if you have children at home, it may be not very safe to put it. Try to choose materials that are more permanent and that do not fade or exhaust easily. Do not use predominantly plastic furniture.

Remember that small details may entirely change the look of your bathroom. Even if you only replace the faucets with new, glossy ones, you will have a totally new bathroom.


Remodeling Your Bathroom On A Budget

If you do not want to invest a lot of money and time in your bathroom, you may make just a few changes. Put a new bathroom rug in a different color than your previous one. Put new bathroom towels in bright colors and new patterns. They will give fresh touch to the whole room.



Do not make your bathroom renovation just because you want to have a new one. Think carefully if you really need a total change. Even with some small changes and less investment you may give a new image and to feel inside as in a new, renovated place.


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