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Doors are significant part of the overall furnishing of the house. It is very important to make a preliminary plan of how many doors we really need for our home. Then we have to specify what types of doors we will need for each room. Doors can be found in different materials, styles, colors. We must choose the most appropriate ones which will be nice in appearance, and also functional and convenient.

How To Choose A Bathroom Door

Bathroom door must follow the style of the furnishing of the bathroom itself. If the bathroom is furnished in modern style, the door must be similar. If the bathroom is furnished in antique style, you cannot put a modern glass door, for example. When choosing the bathroom door, functionality is of great importance. Because there is some moisture and humidity in the bathroom, you must select the door made of the proper material in order not to be damaged easily.

Material for your bathroom door is very important. Wooden door is not very suitable for your bathroom. It can swell or wrap because of the humidity and moisture. Metal and fiberglass are very convenient materials because they avoid these problems. Another item that you have to consider is the swing of the door. Usually bathrooms are quite small in size, so it is important to decide whether the door will swing to the left or to the right.

Pre-Hung Door

You can select a pre-hung unit. This unit includes a door which is already on a frame. It is easy and convenient for replacing the existing frame with a new door.

Glass Bathroom Door

If your bathroom is furnished in classic or modern style, you can choose a glass bathroom door. Glass is very suitable material for such a room. Glass does not wrap or swell because of the humidity and moisture. It also looks elegant and stylish. You can choose a pure glass door or frosted fiberglass door for more privacy.

Siding Bathroom Door

If you want to save space and have your bathroom door opening very smoothly, without taking from your space, choose a sliding bathroom door. The best choice which will guarantee good look and also functionality is a glass sliding bathroom door. It is practically a large glass window in a structure which gives access from a room to the outside. The sliding door is made of a single unit and consists of two panels. One of these two panels is fixed, and the second panel is mobile and is sliding. The sliding glass door is very convenient for the bathroom because it saves a lot of space and is easy for operating.

Cleaing Glass Doors

One of the problems that you will enter when choosing a glass door is cleaning it. Bathroom door is prone to mold and mildew. There are some special bathroom cleaners that you can find in the shops and use for cleaning your bathroom door. You can also use some simple ways to clean the bathroom doors. The mixture of water and vinegar is wonderful for cleaning the bathroom door.


When you start choosing your bathroom door, think of the two basic things: good look and functionality. Do not underestimate the one for the sake of the other. It is not that difficult to find your perfect bathroom door which will be beautiful and also functional and easy for maintenance.

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