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When you start furnishing your bathroom, or just remodeling it, you have to pay special attention to the faucets. Faucets are important part of the entire bathroom furniture and they may change the look of the place. There are different types of faucet you have to choose among. There are wall-mounted faucets that are attached to the bathroom wall over the bathtub. There are also deck-mounted faucets that are attached over the bathtub.

Focus On Quality Bathroom Faucets

Since bathroom taps are used repeatedly every day you have to choose the right ones that will not fade, scratch, or change their look because of the regular usage. Do not take the first pretty faucets that you see just because they look nice. It is better to buy some more high-quality faucets which will last longer and will not change. When buying your faucets it is important to ask how they must be treated to look glossy and clean. The proper maintenance must not be underestimated.

You will find a great variety of bathroom taps and mixers. They differ in style, price, material, quality and finishes. You will choose the ones that match your complete bathroom furniture, and at the same time are easy for cleaning and maintaining.

Of course, it is better and more convenient if you buy the sink together with the faucets which will best suit it. The shop assistant will advise you on spot which ones will be the most appropriate for your sinks or bathtub. Here are some basic things you have to know about the bathroom faucets.

3 Types Of Bathroom Faucets

In general there are three types of faucets: center set, widespread and mini widespread.

The cheapest of all three types are the center set faucets. They may consist of one or two handles. The hot and cold water pass through a single hole or two separate holes. Widespread faucets have two handles – hot and cold. They also have a separately mounted spout. These types of faucets are more expensive than the first ones. Mini widespread faucets are the same as the widespread ones, but they have a smaller range from center to center.

It is important to select functional faucets for your bathroom, but do not ignore their good look as well. There are various faucets in different styles. You can choose among modern, traditional, classic, antique or elegant faucets. Each style can be found in a number of different finishes. You can find chrome, brass, porcelain or nickel finishes. The choice of the bathroom taps and mixers must match the style and the material of the bathroom vanity top.

Remember that each element may look great by itself, but if you place it at an no appropriate spot, to destroy the appearance of the whole bathroom. All faucets must go well in single style with all other bathroom amenities.

In Conclusion

You can feel comfortable and relaxed in your bathroom only if it is furnished in harmony. The harmony comes from the right combination of each detail and small element.

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